Welcome to the CoronaSafe
Engineering Fellowship!

CoronaSafe Engineering Fellowship is a national programme to identify the top 30 indian students in software engineering for an industry-led training to become full-stack developers and volunteer as the national engineering leadership cadre for public service.

AICTE has announced the results! You can view the list of accepted students at this link: Selected Students

Supported By

National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board
Act grants - Action COVID-19 Team
Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
Wadhwani Foundation

Build real-world, modern web apps.

Create open-source software.

Practical lessons drawn from 15+ years of industry experience.

Learn Typed Functional Programming with ReScript/OCaml.

1:1 mentorships & 1:many friendships.

Everything you
need to know

What is this?

Industry-led advanced programming training for students.


To train you to help contribute open-source code for CoronaSafe disaster management.

Who is this for?

Age 18+ students who enjoy programming. You should have written at least some amount of code yourselves before, either on personal projects or college projects.


January 15 - March 25, 2021
6 month internship thereafter for successful candidates.


120 hours of highly enjoyable study & programming. About 10 weekends worth.


Self-paced learning via video tutorials, but between specified programming assignment dates.


Weekly sessions with mentors and fellow students, AMAs with industry veterans, code reviews, and dedicated Q&A forum.


ReScript/OCaml. Ruby on Rails. React. PostgreSQL. Typed FP. Relax! You'll learn all these in the course and no prior knowledge of them is required.





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supported by

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Mekin Maheshwari

Founder, Udhyam.org
ex-CTO, Flipkart

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Girish Mathrubootham

Founder & CEO,
Freshworks Inc

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Sanjay Vijayakumar

Founder & CEO,


This workshop was very intriguing. The instructors went to the extra mile by providing us with so much references to books, blogs and talks we could refer to. The most impressive thing was the effort they took to print out research papers and hand out a spiral bound copy to every one!! I mean the kind of commitment they have towards this just swayed us and shows their love for programming and how keen they are towards building a community. This workshop was very inspiring and a significant memory to hold on to.
The final product that we were asked to build was amazing. There were plenty of things that we were able to learn ourselves towards that journey. I am glad that we were able to create such a good product
The experience which I had while doing the course was different, interesting, enjoyable and a bit difficult at the same time from the rest of the courses which I have done so far. The PupilFirst platform helped a lot in better understanding of the course and also the faculties, teaching assistants and course co-ordinators were reachable at any time and responsive even in this pandemic situation.
Loved everything about this course. It was great to receive feedback from industry professionals. We learned a lot outside the curriculum while doing the project including git, GitHub, CSS, and JavaScript. And the assignments were exceptionally good in testing our knowledge about that week's syllabus.


This program is created by a team of over a dozen people from across multiple companies, with funding from the Michael & Dell Foundation, Wadhwani Foundation, the ACT foundation, and support from FreshWorks.

ACT is a 100 crore fund setup by India’s leading tech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists for supporting efforts combating COVID-19. CoronaSafe is a recipient of ACT grants.

This funding enables us to offer the course to you for free.

Write open-source code for Corona disaster management

CoronaSafe Network codebase is a national asset created by India’s leading software industry engineers along with the National Health Mission, Government of India and Department of Health, Government of Kerala.

Over 300+ industry software engineers have voluntarily contributed to build CoronaSafe Network. The Corona Care software is currently being used in over 200 hospitals to record patient intake and availability of facilities. This results in a central dashboard used by the Ernakulam district collector’s office for monitoring and allocating resources.



Hospitals Using the platform


Patients Managed


Shifting Managed


Telemedicine Calls

* Stats as of December 14, 2020

We are now looking to select 30 of the best student developers in India to become full stack developers under industry guidance.

Successful students who complete the programme shall get a semester long internship with CoronaSafe to contribute code to further develop this national asset.

1-to-1 coaching from industry programmers

This is an industry-backed course and it will prepare you for a career in building production software. This reflects in what you will learn, and how you will learn it. Each of your code submission will be reviewed in depth by a coach and your code will get kind, courteous feedback. You will gain hard-earned insights about abstraction boundaries, data modelling, layering, and program design.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) with devs, designers, and founders

You will hear experience reports from people in the industry. There will be no long, boring introductions; instead you will hear raw stories of how folks got started, what they’d advice their younger selves, and how the industry works today. The best things about these AMAs are the free-wheeling question and answer session where you talk with the speakers about the most pressing questions in your mind.

Fellowship with a small group of students from across the country

This course is open to students from across the country and you will team up with them for some of the programming projects in the course. You will learn to collaborate with them through git, GitHub and the pull request workflow. You will have access to a community forum for discussions as well as a Discord server for conversations. There will be a kind and respectful code of conduct to make the experience welcoming for everyone.


You will learn a host of practical skills that will help you in kickstarting your career and some lessons that will stay with you even long after.

Create real-world Rails webapps

Ruby on Rails pioneered the modern web framework revolution. It is a fully integrated package that has everything we need to build complete web applications. GitHub is built on Rails and so is Shopify. Thousands of startups build their systems in Rails every year, and it has also become a mainstream solution for large companies.

Create advanced front-ends with React and ReScript/OCaml

You’ll learn to program in the Typed Functional paradigm in ReScript/OCaml. You'll create UIs in React and deploy your own single-page applications. You'll also learn practical functional programming and learn to model complex domains with Hindley-Milner types. ReScript/OCaml will also help you see what programming languages are really made of. That means you will then be able to learn and be productive with any other programming language much faster.


December 14, 2020

- Application Opens

January 05, 2021

- Application Ends

January 12, 2021

- Announcement of selected students

January 15, 2021

- Program Begins

March 25, 2021

- Program Ends

April 01, 2021

- Internship with CoronaSafe Begins (6 months)


Email us atfullstack@pupilfirst.org

AICTE has announced
the list of selected students!