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By learning, the national fullstack curriculum will equip you with foundational skills that will also enable you to develop potential applications with AI.

At Pupilfirst, we believe thateveryone is born with intelligence. A motivating environment nurtures intelligence. Practice transforms intelligence to skills. Skills give you the power to change the world.

  • Get on the path to gaining skills for building the future.

  • The AI Revolution is also here.

  • Stand a chance to intern and build AI features.


  • Photo ofArepelly Shylesh

    Arepelly Shylesh

    WD06Y22 Cohort

    Vardhaman College of Engineering, Shamshabad, Telangana

    The course improved my web development skills, emphasizing attractive frontend interfaces with React and Redux. The capstone project provided valuable hands-on experience, and addressing Redux challenges enhanced my core understanding through active participation in forums and the Pupilfirst Discord community.

  • Photo ofFrehiwot Abebie Haile

    Frehiwot Abebie Haile

    WD06Y22 Cohort

    Marwadi University

    Learning from Pupilfirst pros improved my Node.js knowledge and honed my coding and problem-solving skills through the capstone project. Excited to contribute as a TA, I look forward to further growth while collaborating with the Pupilfirst team.

  • Photo ofSai Mallik Rameshwaram

    Sai Mallik Rameshwaram

    WD06Y22 Cohort

    Vardhaman College of Engineering

    Impressive course management by the Pupilfirst team! Well-organized content, helpful guidance, and an easy-to-navigate platform made my learning journey smooth. Satisfied with the overall experience and grateful for the team's efforts.

  • Photo ofJavid Sumra

    Javid Sumra

    WD06Y22 Cohort

    Feedback on Pupilfirst LMS

    The Pupilfirst LMS stands out with its impressive features, including the efficient auto-grading powered by VTA and a user-friendly interface (UI).

  • Photo ofAnkit Rawat

    Ankit Rawat

    WD06Y22 Cohort

    TulTula's Institute, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

    The concise course content is easy to follow, and more video materials would aid comprehension. Additionally, a boost in Typescript resources would be beneficial for a more comprehensive learning experience.

  • Photo ofAryan Patel

    Aryan Patel


    Veer Surendra Sai University Of Technology

    Initially rejected in the first batch, I succeeded in the second batch of the GDC Fellowship. The 3-month training in React JS, TypeScript, and Django by PupilFirst rapidly enhanced my skills in Full Stack Development. Contributing to the CARE project provided valuable exposure, and the acquired skills were crucial for successful placements. The GDC Fellowship has been a transformative and positive experience.

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Since 2021, our graduates have learned skills and worked with industry experts to build world-class AI enabled technology solutions recognised by the United Nations.

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Digital Classrooms are open for college students all over India.

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Students from any branch of studies can apply and join the Digital Classrooms.

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National Model Curriculum

The curriculum that the courses will follow is approved by the Government of India as the national model curriculum.

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The courses are for students without a software development background but with a keen interest in entering the software development industry.

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Your interest to exploring the world of software and learning knowledge is the only requirement.

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Meet learners from across India with the same interest as you in learning industry skills.

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Graduate students are present as teaching assistants to clear your doubts.

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Practise and improve skill building by requesting personalised feedback on assignments submitted.

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Capstone project

Showcase your skills to industry through the final capstone project.

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Teaching Assistant internships

Interested and eligible students will be provided opportunities to intern with Pupilfirst as teaching assistants.

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GDC AI Fellowships

Students demonstrating outstanding skills are eligible for GDC AI Fellowship Interviews.

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Receive certificates upon completion of your learning.

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The curriculum is designed by industry experts and is constantly updated.

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Vignesh Rajendran

Principal Engineer, Oracle

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Melson J Zacharias

CTO, Perleybrook Labs LLC.

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Avishek Jana

Co-Founder Principal Engineer, GEOGO Techsolutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Hari Gopal

Chief Technology Officer, Pupilfirst

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Powerful Alumni Network

Since 2016, 819 students have graduated from our courses/programmes to work at leading startups and corporations.

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Web Development 101 - Getting started with JavaScript

By completing the WD 101 course, you will learn how to:

  • Set up your development environment.
  • Transform data with JavaScript.
  • Use computational abstractions.
  • Work with the HTML Forms.
  • Work on native HTML Form Validations.
  • Understand Web Storage for saving and retrieving data.


Free for students who apply for WD 201 and WD 301


Upon completion


Not applicable


Web Development 201 - Server-side programming with Node.js

By the end of the course, the students will be able to:

  • Build web applications using Express.js
  • Manipulate data using both imperative and functional programming techniques.
  • Model real-world systems using object-oriented design.
  • Write HTML & CSS to create elegant web pages.
  • Build database applications using Sequelize.


₹3,999 (Inclusive of all taxes).


12 weeks


Upon completion


Not applicable

Ready to kickstart your web development journey?

Embark on the well-crafted web development journey with the Web Development 201 course, learning the fundamental first principles to build real-world software.

Students enrolled in Web Development 201 will also be provided access to our Web Development 101 course.


Web Development 301 - Front-end development with React & TypeScript

By the end of the course, students are expected to:

  • Be able to create Single Page Applications (SPA) using React.
  • Be able to build robust UIs using the statically typed programming language TypeScript.
  • Get better at styling web applications using Tailwind CSS.
  • Understand typed state management that is inline with the backend data model.
  • Understand the best practices followed in industry for production grade applications.


₹3,999 (Inclusive of all taxes).


12 weeks


Upon completion


Not applicable

Elevate your front-end skills with React and TypeScript!

Explore Web Development 301 to master building Single Page Applications and dynamic UIs. Level up your web development journey!

Students enrolled in Web Development 301 will also be provided access to our Web Development 101 course.